Mousiki's Mission?

Mousiki’s mission is a global infrastructure which links venues and artists by providing innovative services paving the future for the music industry.

With the landscape becoming more and more competitive and an increasing number of musicians competing for a finite number of mainstream slots, musicians are looking for other ways of being compensated for their talent then having to wait for the attention of record labels/management companies. The current trends in the music industry are paving a new opportunity for underground musicians to use the internet to manage and create their own business by engaging in touring which will be the cornerstone of not only their own personal revenue stream but there ambition as a musician; to be on the road performing for audiences who appreciate their art.

Mousiki will allow musicians to plan, budget, and be compensated for tours or performances using the simplicity, functionality and informational resource of our site. Musicians will not only be able to plan tours and performances by using our site, but will see world demographic data where their music is most demanded from consumers. We will aid in guiding a musician to plan tours that will be most beneficial and while providing the greatest compensation for them. By integrating proven features with new innovative processes our site will be the backbone of the New Musician and New Audience. We will offer musicians the opportunity to take control of their own business by facilitating their ability to get on the road and showcase their talents live. Mousiki offers musicians global exposure with incentive.



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