What is Mousiki?

Music began as a live art- a source of entertainment, reflecting a sense of community, being and spirituality. Over the ages humans have strived to capture that live art form- transmitting it over the airwaves, recording it on tape, vinyl, film, and digitally allocating it. Early music and its first known performers were those of the Greek Theatre in ancient antiquity, performing tragedies for entertainment, celebration and spiritual reasons. Music has always been a personal and cultural expression. Throughout history music has brought communities together, connecting people through lyrics, rhythms and emotions. Music expresses the inner self and reflects our surroundings. Music has evolved during the centuries and has the power to alternate our values, and perception of what entertainment and song is.

After the Greeks, musical compositions were strictly for the church and the clergy, wherein musicians composed according to the church doctrine. Music eventually branched beyond the entertainment of the church, developing into master works of the Baroque, Renaissance and Classical Eras. Yet again musicians were not in control of their livelihood – as their musical fate lay in the hands of the wealthy and royal families who could afford to pay the price of a prominent composer. Brilliant musicians like Mozart and Beethoven had to play politics of the court, attending to the doctrines of those who commissioned their works. History evolved and so did a newfound musical freedom- freedom of speech culture a new world a new music. Then there was radio, TV, Jonny Carson, Elvis, a new industry on the brink of exploding. Who could resist the sound and look of the Beatles, the words and electricity of the 70s,all-contributing to musical lineage and the finances of a growing record business. The power of music was unstoppable, and so was the growing command of the record labels. In the late 90's music became digitized and leaves us where we are today.

Mousiki is the Greek word for “music”. Mousiki situates the future of music in the hands of the artists and fans. Reverting back to Grecian times, when music was for the people, celebrated and created live, marking a turning point where musicians create their own expression, carving their own future, image, fan base and success. Live Performance is thriving and more important than ever, especially in today’s music market. Mousiki is a musician’s friend providing the necessary tools to become a successful act. Above all, allowing artists to maintain a living doing what music is all about.



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